Improvement Projects

Improvement Projects at Tamarack Lutheran Church

Pending / In Process Projects:

  • Landscaping - Family of Rudy Swenson donation
  • Paint furnace room and back room in basement
  • Handicapped accessibility to the basement
  • Extend sidewalk to Sacristy and back basement door
  • Look into installing pew cushions
  • Paint front steps railings
  • Water / ice diversion for front steps
  • Paint interrior of church

Completed Projects:

    1. Enclosed, insulated & painted “tunnel” exterior to former Sunday School
    2. Replaced basement windows
    3. Repaired / restored stained glass windows
    4. Installed storm windows over stained glass windows
    5. Directional signs along Hwy. 93
    6. Landscaping improvements on church property
    7. Replaced Sacristy windows & secondary access doors
    8. New sidewalk to side basement door
    9. Remodeled Sacristy (new paint, window treatments, etc)
    10. Remodeled basement (new paint, additional electrical outlets, light fixtures, etc. )
    11. Upgraded heating ductwork
    12. Replaced roof over Sanctuary and all other areas of the church
    13. Remodeled / upgraded organist area
    14. Painted white exterior trim
    15. Upgraded PA System
    16. Upgraded / remodeled restrooms
    17. Tuck pointing to church exterior (all brick)
    18. Repair/refurbish front doors
    19. Accessibility ramp to Sanctuary
    20. Repaired upstairs furnace & replaced downstairs furnace
    21. Insalled more electrical outlets in the church
    22. Upgraded/remodeled kitchen area
    23. Website development
    24. Pavillion constructed / Electrical work completed / Picnic tables purchased